Statler Waldorf Gallery - Exhibitions
Laurie Nye and Jennifer Rochlin: "The Crystal Eaters"
June 29 - August 10, 2013
Opening reception: Saturday, June 29th, 8-11 pm

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Laurie Nye, Jennifer Rochlin

"In the Common Corner of Four Rooms"
October 28 - December 10, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, October 28th, 7-10 pm

Dana Hemenway
Cara Levine
Cybele Lyle
Emma Spertus
Hillary Wiedemann

curated by Christina Linden

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In the Common Corner of Four Rooms

"Plain Brown Wrapper"
October 20th - November 2nd, 2011
Opening reception: Saturday, October 22nd, 7-10 pm

Sophie Lee
Anne McCaddon
Allison Miller
Yunhee Min

presented in conjunction with Human Resources

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Plain Brown Wrapper

Statler Waldorf Gallery at CO/LAB at Art Platform Los Angeles

September 30-October 3rd, 2011

Jennifer Boysen
Jamie Chan
Anne McCaddon
John Seal

"Tea and Conversation": informal conversations with local
artists, writers, and curators, on topics of their choosing.

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Over the City and Through the Woods

curated by Fritz Chesnut and Molly Larkey

June 17th - July 17th, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, June 17th, 7-10 pm

Claude Collins-Stracensky
Bryan de Roo
Drew Heitzler
Oliver Irwin
Marie Jager
Gordon Matta-Clark
John Opera
Colin Roberts

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Over the City
My House is Your House

curated by Whitney Carter and Molly Larkey

April 29 - May 29, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, April 29, 7-10 pm

Sara Clendening & Eric Wesley
Samantha Fields & Andre Yi
Samara Golden & John Seal
Kate Harding & Steven Bankhead
Michael Henry Hayden & Anthony Lepore
Daniel Ingroff & Paul Pescador & David Gilbert
Kristi Lippire & Matt Wardell
Yunhee Min & Patrick Meagher
Tracy Nakayama & Jeremy Yoder
Amy Sarkisian &Tyler Vlahovich

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My House is Your House

January 14 - February 27, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, January 14, 7-10 pm

Alice Clements
Kelly Cline
Zackary Drucker
Rafael Esparza
Rico Gatson
Onya Hogan-Finlay
Katie Herzog
Bari Ziperstein

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HACK - Zackary Drucker
Hidden Bodies

May 7-June 27, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, May 7th, 7-10 pm
featuring a performance by Daniela Sea.

Joshua Aster
Jesse Bercowetz
Jennifer Boysen
Joshua Callaghan
Jamie Chan
Michael Decker
Kiki Johnson
Molly Larkey
Josh Mannis

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January 29 - February 28th, 2010
Opening Reception Friday, January 29th, 7-10 pm

Brian Cooper
Deanna Erdmann
Dawn Kasper
Jenn Kolmel
Florian Morlat
Aaron Spangler
Austin Thomas
Torbjorn Vejvi

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