Can Kids draw?

A critique of children’s drawings, with nothing help back in our assessment.


Though we may appear on the surface to support child development through art, we do not let up on the standards we have in them achieving some artistic credential. The old phrase “art can be anything the artist says it is” just doesn’t cut it here. There is no excuse for bad art and if a child displays the symptoms of being cack-handed when holding a pencil of paint brush, then it is the duty of the parent, carer or teacher to point out the shortcomings of he child and encourage them to never draw again for the good of art and that of humanity.

We are going to present some of the diabolical works that have been created by children and foolishly uploaded on to the internet, allowing for the ridicule by the masses and us.

Let us begin our evaluation on the top 3 worst pictures drawn by children aged from 2 to 10.

1: Superman (apparently)


Wow, move over Van Gogh! Now, what immediately stands out is that the emblem on the top is a ‘C’ not an ‘S’.

His superpowers are clearly his neck strength and his ability to project lasers from his eyes. Not really needed when you can scratch a person to death with those nails.

Due to his feet, this superman cannot walk backwards or forwards without people thinking it’s just someone with a wobbly disability and they’re going off to a party.

Anyway, this gets pinned up on the inside of my bin as I would rather be seen dead than have it on my fridge to remind me this kid can’t draw. 410

2: Diner is possibly served!


Welcome to a cannibal’s kitchen! Not entirely sure what feast is being presented here at the table, but the main ingredient seems to be blood and in vast quantities. “eat up now, there are kids starving out there”.

Adding to the oddity of eating a freshly killed thing! The tuck into their prepared feast whilst naked. This is clear a sign here to call the police on the parents and have them arrested for not teaching their kids how to perfectly draw the human form.

Everything about this picture screams psychotic; on the left a head with hair only on one site and no eyebrows!

Both nude figures are also without arms and residing in the middle of the table in the background a blue-haired girl that looks slightly downs.

Heck I could be all wrong and this image just depicts a poker game gone wrong. Not enough families sit around gambling and playing card games enough these days. Far too many husbands and teens are online gambling, such a shame, and so is this artwork. 210

3: Is this what will kill me?


A total work of horror in both senses, the art and imagery. Now, this is either the work of a child prodigy that can convey this notion at such an early age, or they are just down-right awful and pulling this piece of work off was a total fluke.

At a guess, I’m going to say psycho clown. My reason for this is the starry effect for the eyes and the over the top lipstick. Clearly the child has no concept of recognising that human beings have 4 fingers and a thumb (if you’re lucky). The fact that this scary S.O.B has three tells us more about the artist than it does the subject. 310