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Art classes are one of the most attended around the world. This is because of the creative and imaginative designs and drawings that are shown during class hours. Art instructors with years of experience in sculpture, painting, and ceramic molding have always been held in high esteem due to their guidance and inspiration. Some of these art instructors are known in the industry and have been busy making designs and artwork for online casino news sites such as Today, though, we will talk about how an art class teacher suspends his student because of a painting of what he describes as a roulette wheel, or was it a UFO?

The Art Teacher’s Side of the Story

art teacher reaction to the student

In what was supposed to be an eventful and innovative class, things went wrong for Steve when he was caught painting a roulette wheel. Steve who is 8 years old was enjoying himself while painting, no knowing he was going to be at the receiving end of his art teacher. Mr. Thomas, upon inspecting all his students’ classwork, was infuriated by what he called a UFO-like roulette wheel, that he sent him home immediately. He stated that he has always told his students to stay clear of painting any gambling related art.

After the incident, Steve told his parents what happened. Frustrated and annoyed, they promised to take the case up with the relevant authorities.

The Art Teacher has our Full Support, the School Governing Board Insists

judgment has been made

The issue of Steve and his art teacher generated so much talk that the governing body had to intervene. This took place in what was a torrid one-hour meeting involving the parents, principal, and board members. The board sided with the teacher that he is in charge of his class, and whatever decisions he takes as long as it doesn’t go against the school values stays valid.

They also insisted that any gambling related art is frowned upon in the school premises. In their submission, they told the parents that the teacher who has a bachelor degree in art history and M. A in painting/renditions has been teaching art for 15 years. Although the way he handled the situation might not be right, the decision is the correct one.

The Parents Berate the School Board’s Decision

parents angry at the school

Steve’s dad is a professor in medieval arts and history, while his mom is an associate professor of sculpture and renaissance arts. In what was an emotional statement by Steve’s parents, they both promised to take the case up to the relevant authorities and challenge the decision. According to them, a school where core art values should be taught, shouldn’t ridicule their child for drawing what he likes?

Even if he draws a spaceship or UFO, art is meant to be inspirational and imaginative. They admitted that they both play online casino games while their child watches. And when has betting become a crime, they ask? While their next line of action is fuzzy, it is rumored that they will report the matter to the city council on education and, if things don’t change, take their child away from the school.

We will be keeping a close look at this matter to see how it pans out. The post is about how an art teacher suspended his student for painting a roulette wheel and the reaction from several quarters.